At KaZel & Co. Kazel Jewelry and/or Kazel Leather, we stand behind the quality of everything we makes, which is why our warranty policy cover all material and craftsmanship defects,

  • All leather pieces will change color with time, maybe it will scratch, the develop wrinkles and worn out. Natural marking will pronounce, this is part of the process call Patina; it's essentially the weathered look that the piece will take on as it ages.
  •  All Wire wrapped Jewelry pieces will change or fade color with time, if in a term of 2 years or less tarnish, please contact us and we gladly will exchange your item. 

    If you believe an item purchased from KaZel Jewelry or Kazel Leather shows a material defect within, please get in touch via email and us send photos of the defect, KaZel & Co may then offer to repair or replace the product free of charge, providing the customer pays shipping from KaZel & Co Workshop. 

    This the guidelines on what we don't cover

    • Our warranty policy does NOT cover neglect, misuse, general wear and tear, staining, or the natural patina process.(Leather)
    • Our belts and cuffs use Button Stud screws. As with any screw, they can loosen over time. Warranty does not cover lost screws, but we can repair for you at a cost..
    • Our warranty policy does NOT cover neglect, misuse, general wear and tear, staining, or the natural process of fading color in wires.(Jewelry).


    Please follow this procedure for the return of the pieces for the warranty.

    • Proof of purchase is mandatory when making a warranty claim.
    • packages sent without prior discussion via email or phone call will not be processed as return or exchange. Please be sure you communicate with us prior sending anything back.
    • Please contact us at: support@kazelco.com with a description of the situation (and pictures, if it possible).
    • After approval, We will send you a Prepaid  Return Label for the warrantied item to be sent to our workshop, unless our review team deems otherwise.

    If you product breaks as result of normal and tear, will be fix it or replace it, as long as you own it.

    $1 Days
    $2 Hours
    $3 Minutes
    $4 Seconds