About us


KaZel and Company is a design and production studio based in Orlando, Florida. This company began in late 2016 as a wife idea with the husband support. Johanny and George began to pursue their passion to create quality products that are ethically made and they focus on one idea: "To create accessories with different materials that can bring back the love and appreciation for things handmade"

The word KaZel is the combination of two names, this are our two children, Kaden and Itzel. They are the main inspiration behind our work and they are our daily motivation.


Why All This Names


Kazel & Co is an umbrella for our creativity and right now is KaZel Jewelry and KaZel Leather, and who knows what other studios will be included.  pieces minimal in design, but with attention to details.like the old times.



About the Crafters


Johanny (Joy)     


Since I remember, as a little girl, my grandmother all the time was bringing me jewelry kits and then she was sitting with me and were playing to be the actress (my Granny)  and the designer (me) where I was combining plastic beads and pendants to create statement necklaces and then sell it to her, then she will wear it and walk on the runaway.

As a teenager, sometimes I was accompanying mom  to the farmers market to get the produce, and while she was picking all the stuff needed, I would sit next to the ladies who were weaving baskets. I was fascinated with how this women were doing the same thing all day,  just  create a one of a kind product.

I am graduated as interior designer, but I know that my passion for creating jewelry born on those moments of my life and explode when a felt short on options, when I was looking for minimalist jewelry with a punch of color and was not able to find.

Once I learned to make jewelry there was no turning back. As creator, I love simple lines, vibrant colors and bold statement pieces that accent beauty but don't compete with the person who wear it.

I been participating in Craft and Art shows with my jewelry for a few years, thanks to the feedback, comments and some encouragement from so many women, in 2017, I decide to open KaZel Jewelry and present my work to all you.

Making unique jewelry out of wire, crystals and/or gemstones has turned out to be a fun way for me to help you to dress up or down your casual, minimalist or Bohemian chic style.

For me, It is so surreal to see how I sit on my bed with an sketch book and a pencil, just to scribble some ideas that later will turn into pieces that will be part of my work.

It is such a pleasure to see empowering women like you, wearing my jewelry, talking about how you love my design concepts, and earning  your trust.


As a professional jewelry maker, I am able to share my passion and personality on every piece of my handmade jewelry, and I would be honored if you found your treat within my store.

$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Seconds