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About us


KaZel and Company is a design and production studio, family owned and based in Orlando, Florida.

This company began in 2016. After I was motivated by couple of friends to sell my work I began to pursue my passion to create quality products that are ethically made, with one Goal in mind: "To create accessories with different materials that can bring back the love and appreciation for things handcrafted"

The word KaZel is the combination of two names, this are our two children, Kaden and Itzel. They are the main inspiration behind our work and they are our daily motivation.

 Kazel & Company is the inspirations and creativity of us and our studios. As designers and creators, We keep our own point of views and ideas.

We are KaZel Jewelry and KaZel Leather.



About the Owners


Johanny  Owner KaZel Jewelry


Hello, I am Johanny, the owner, designer and maker behind KaZel Jewelry.

From a doodle on a piece of paper to all what is involve on a finish piece of jewelry, I am the person behind of all the work, dedicating every ounce of detail to create something that you will love.

I self taught the art of wire wrapping in 2015 and never look back. As a designer, I found out how versatile this technique is and how I been able to incorporate materials and patterns combinations.

I love simple lines, vibrant colors and bold statement pieces that accent beauty but don't compete with the person who wear it. I design accessories that compliment from casual to semi formal look.




KaZel Jewelry is all about independent women who love themselves and embrace to be independent. Women who are proudly feel confident in every second of their life.

KaZel Jewelry is meant for women who wish to add an elegant finish touch to a casual outfit or a fancier attire. My jewelry design is clean, minimalist and functional.


Every piece that you wear should celebrate your beauty, and be a touch of light for your soul. I get inspired by a lot of things, but my focus is you and my goal is for you to feel beautiful and empowered with my creations.

As a person who wears the jewelry that design, I never would show a piece that I wouldn't wear myself. Attention to details is an obsession, high quality materials is a priority; pieces should last if they receive the proper care. And I am my own quality control.   

As a professional jewelry maker, I am able to share my passion and personality on every piece of my handmade jewelry, and I would be honored if you found that special piece on my store.



Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read this.

I personally want to welcome you to the family!!